Celebrate “Day of the Dead”

 Celebrating Death
Day of the dead   

My day-to-day always begins fairly normal but there are things that happen to me through out the day that make it a little more interesting.  Yesterday was just that.  A phone call from grandma as usual except this time it was to remind me of today being, “Dia de los muertos”.  Even though my family is Spanish, the culture was in my life in bits and pieces. I grew up in Long Island with American friends and never got too involved with these cultural holidays.   I have heard of them but never participated in them.  Now I had to Google some information to be prepared for what I’m required to do today.   Disappointing Grandma’s wishes is not high on my list, so I’m fast to google to learn the traditions of this day is fast on my list. My journey begins with a trip to visit my mother at the cemetery which is over an hour from my house.

As the traffic Gods would have it, the LIE this morning going east is a parking lot. I knew that I need to get to her grave which was over an hour from my house but at this rate it would be more than 2 hours. There had to be another way to pay my respects, didn’t there?. I’m sure there was but at the moment ideas were not flowing through my mind. So not to disappoint my grandma on such a special day, I called her to explain the situation.   All was forgiven to my relief. To travel to the cemetery and give flowers and prayers would have been nice but not necessary. If I were to say prayers to her souls that it may be at peace I would have pleased her just the same.

It would seem that I am still learning from my mother even though she is not around. The messages are always there, I just have to look for them .  On this day it translated into three important messages

  •   Patience is a virtue and being the master of this great patience will only open your mind to greater things
  •  Trust in others as it may seem difficult for man including myself, finding the right answers might mean having to call on others
  • Follow your heart and keep a strong hold to it. Too many time we ignore the voices inside and try for a  more logical choice.  Make the first choice and stay with it.

In sharing with you the many stories that I have learned hopefully you can take a little bit of it with you each day.

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